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Fundamental Renovation of one family’s house in Aragats


Since their arrival in Armenia following the earthquake of 1988, the Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception have been involved not only in Catechetical, Cultural, and Social Activities in Villages and Towns in the Shirak and Lori regions, but they have also been taking care of poor families living in deplorable conditions. 


In 2010, the mayor of the village of Aragats has asked the Sisters to house, in their orphanage in Gyumri, two girls living in an unhealthy home environment. The Sisters visited the family in Aragats where they found five women and three children living in indescribable conditions. The Sisters succeeded, with much effort, in convincing the family to allow two of the children come to Gyumri where they could attend school and live in better life conditions. (Unfortunately, they have not been able to take the third disabled little girl.) Since then, both girls have been under the care of the Sisters, receiving much needed individual attention and being provided for all of their educational needs. Periodically, the Sisters have been visiting the family taking with them food and clothing and purchasing living essentials as needed.


The present project consists in providing housing, social and psychological assistance to the family in order to insure a more dignified life and healthier home conditions. 


The project :


Key points are the followings :


- Separate the stable from the living area

- Provide electricity and water inlet

- Make the house hermetic to weather conditions: Doors & Windows

- Use easy-cleaning materials

- Equip the House

- Provide housing, social and psychological assistance to the family

1 - Assesment

1 - Assesment

2 - Proposed Plan

2 - Proposed Plan

3 - Drawings

3 - Drawings

The Budget :


Based on the study above, the projected budget is estimated at $ 39,066.


In addition, there is a need to add:

  • A budget of $ 1,380, which will be used to equip the House.

  • A budget of $ 2,000, to be used for social and psychological assistance in educating the family on how to care for the renovated premises.




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